Initial Meeting

Initial meetings are valuable in therapy in order to determine whether or not the client and clinician can work well together. It is also necessary to evaluate where the client is struggling and outline a trajectory for treatment. The self-pay rate is $120, with sliding scale options, and is also billable through select insurances. Verify your benefits today!

Follow-up Therapy Sessions

Frequency of follow-up sessions are determined by the client and clinician together. Standard practice is weekly until the client is managing health independently, at which point, follow-up sessions may decrease to once or twice monthly. These sessions are $120 for self pay clients with sliding scale options available. These are also billable through select insurances. Go ahead, check if your insurance covers it!

Free Phone Consultation

Not quite sure if therapy is for you? Nervous about meeting your counselor? Request a free phone consultation today and calm your nerves a bit. Granted, the real comfort begins when you start treatment!

Individual Meditation

If you are looking for a regular individual practice of guided meditation that will help you manage the stress in your life and hold you accountable for taking care of yourself, find it here! Guided practices are tailored to your individual needs and stresses. These sessions are not billable through insurance. A self pay rate of $80 a session with sliding scale prices available. 

Remote Therapy

Remote therapy is a wonderful option for people who do not have the ability to leave home. Remote therapy can also be great for people who are not in the Chicago area but still want to get their treatment from yours truly. I use a computer video application called Vsee, which is HIPPA certified. Unfortunately, this option is not billable through insurance. The self-pay rate is $100 a session with sliding scale rates available.